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Temperature Automation

To simplify requirement for your temperature automation application we have variety of products start from PT100, RTD to non contact temperature sensors and scanners, all of certified quality with reliability and most of all suit to your application needs, if you have any specific requirement please do not hesitate to write us with full details for a solution or sample trial...

Our products range includes :-

All types of thermocouples,
All types of RTD’s,
All types of thermowells,
Temperature sensors assembly,
Non contact temperature sensor
Non contact thermometers
Temperature scanner
Temperature baths
RTD elements
Temperature transmitters (head mount and field mount)
Temperature indicators and controllers
Mineral insulated cables,
Silicon carbide tube
PID controllers
Tailor made products related to temperature sensing. Etc..

Opp. Abhishek Library,
Durga Puja Maidan, Padmanabhpur
Durg (Chhattisgarh State) 491001
Bharat (India)

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